Welcome to ICID: Revolutionizing the Interior Design Community

About ICID World

International Community of Interior Designers

At ICID, we’re more than just a platform; we’re a revolution in interior design. Born from a vision to connect the design world like never before, we leverage cutting-edge AI technology to create unprecedented connections — both digitally and in the real world.

A Community Like No Other

Our platform is a modern marvel, uniquely designed to bring together interior designers across the globe. Whether you’re an aspiring designer, a seasoned professional, or a vendor in the design space, ICID is where you belong. We bridge the gap between digital interactions and real-world local communities, fostering a network that’s both expansive and intimate.

Innovative Tools for Unparalleled Opportunities

ICID stands apart with our powerful Vendor Database — a resource akin to Angie’s List but exclusively for Interior Design. This tool empowers designers to connect with wholesalers who lack physical stores, providing a seamless, efficient, and effective networking solution.

Empowering Designers at Every Step

Our platform is a treasure trove of features. From the RFP Program, where designers request products or services directly from vendors, to the ‘Find a Designer’ page, which revolutionizes how clients discover the perfect designer for their needs, we make every interaction simpler and more fruitful.

Building Stronger Communities with Our Ambassadors

At the heart of our mission are our local community Ambassadors. These leaders are the driving force behind our local groups, bringing together designers and partners in a way that traditional design organizations can’t match. Our Ambassadors are more than leaders; they’re catalysts for inclusivity and growth in every community they touch.

Join Us on This Exciting Journey

ICID is not just a platform; it’s a movement. We’re inviting you to be a part of this groundbreaking journey. As we continue to grow and evolve, your participation and input will shape the future of interior design. Join us, and let’s make history together.

Why Join as a Member

  1. ICID Collaboration Platform:
    • A unique space combining digital and physical realms of interior design.
    • Tailored to facilitate professional growth, networking, and community building.
    • Emphasizes seamless interaction between members, encouraging collaboration and support.
  2. Direct Messaging & Social Profiles:
    • Personalized profiles to showcase each member’s work and interests.
    • Direct messaging feature for easy communication, advice-seeking, and networking.
  3. DesignersMLS:
    • A revolutionary platform, likened to the MLS of Interior Design.
    • Streamlines the process of connecting clients with interior designers.
    • Features such as style, price point filters, and a user-friendly interface.
  4. Vendor Database:
    • A private, extensive database akin to Angie’s List, but specifically for interior designers.
    • Includes a wide range of trusted vendors, offering products and services.
    • Allows designers to rate and review vendors, fostering a trustworthy community.
  5. RFP Program:
    • Enables designers to request specific products or services from vendors.
    • Streamlines sourcing, ensuring efficiency and suitability for projects.
    • A growing community enhances the power and utility of this tool.
  6. Events Calendar:
    • Functions like Eventbrite, centralizing local and national interior design events.
    • Facilitates easy discovery and participation in industry-related events.
    • Encourages community engagement and continuous professional development.
  7. Apprentice and Education Programs:
    • Offers learning and development opportunities for aspiring interior designers.
    • Established designers can mentor, enhancing their skills and giving back to the community.
    • Partnerships with educational institutions bridge learning and practical experience.
  8. Meet the Press Program:
    • Provides unique publicity opportunities through media partnerships.
    • Facilitates connections with magazines and other media for exposure and showcasing work.
  9. Ambassador Program:
    • Focuses on quickly establishing and nurturing local design communities.
    • Promotes inclusivity and friendly environments, a departure from traditional design organizations.
    • Ambassadors play a crucial role in community engagement and growth.
  10. Partnerships:
    • Encompasses collaborations with media, educational, and vendor partners.
    • Aims to create mutually beneficial relationships that enhance the design community.
    • Includes unique features like vendor lists, messaging, and partnership profiles.