An Inspiring Home

    An Inspiring Home is an interior design company based in Charlotte, NC and founded by Jennifer Morrell. With a background in architecture and years of experience as an interior designer, Jennifer is a highly skilled and knowledgeable professional in the field. At An Inspiring Home, Jennifer’s goal is to help her clients create the home of their dreams. She understands the stress that can come with home projects and strives to guide her clients through the process with ease, ensuring that they love their home and feel proud of their investments. Jennifer’s expertise and precision in the field ensure that her clients are confident in their home decor choices and will love their space for years to come.Jennifer’s unique perspective as a working mother of four kids, who also works from home, allows her to understand the importance of creating functional and beautiful spaces for families. Her passion for interiors and her expertise in architecture make her an expert in maximizing spaces to meet her clients’ needs. With a focus on creating a fresh, up-to-date, organized, and beautiful home, Jennifer is dedicated to helping her clients achieve their design goals.