ARHAUS is a furniture company that provides a complete line of customizable furniture and decor, as well as in-house interior designers and design centers. This partnership is perfect for interior designers who want the convenience and ease of taking their clients into the showroom to make custom selections in ARHAUS’s extensive design center. With a wide range of customizable furniture and decor options, designers can find everything they need to create a cohesive and beautiful space. Additionally, the in-house designers are available to assist with any questions or concerns. One of the key benefits of working with ARHAUS is that they handle all the heavy lifting such as taking customer orders, shipping, delivery, and any issues that may arise. This allows designers to focus on the design aspect of the project, without having to worry about logistics. They also offer a Designer Trade program that ICID members can review the details on our vendor list or they can reach out to Arhaus for more information. It’s the perfect solution for those designers who want to provide exceptional service to their clients with the help of a trusted furniture partner.So, why not take advantage of this opportunity and visit an ARHAUS showroom today and see for yourself the quality and craftsmanship that goes into each and every piece of furniture, as well as how they can assist you in providing exceptional service to your clients.