Farha Syed Design, LLC

    Farha Syed is the owner and Principal Designer at Farha Syed Design, LLC, a design studio delivering customized interiors to clients with a classic and timeless approach.
    Her design philosophy is to deliver innovative ways to accomplish the goals you expect for how you want your space to serve you. She has traveled to various places and observed the different cultural influences in their design aesthetics that make them unique. These influences and inspirations have shaped her approach to designing spaces by infusing in all these elements layered to highlight your style and be a true reflection of your personality.She is known for bringing out the character and charm of your home through color and design elements that accentuate the architectural details, creating a home that exudes your style.She is a wife and mother to two wonderful sons attending NC State. She is very passionate about her family and enjoys spending time with family traveling and exploring new places and learning about new cultures and trying new cuisines.