Sass & Co.

    We love large spaces. We love creative spaces. We love bringing an element of surprise. We center our attention on framing a seamless experience from exterior to interior. We take the whole conversation at the get go and lead with a overall detailed conceptual and custom design built solely on your story of where you’ve been, where you are and what you want to become. If you are looking to identify your customers and clientele with a statement that’s unique to you, then we are your team. Sassafras Studios, lead by owner/designer Lisa Masteller, embraces each client with an artistic conviction and passion. We take the “best version of you” and see to it that it is experienced by everyone who walks through you’re establishment of service. So whether understated, over the top or everything in-between, our Designs will make you want to “Live, Work and Play” harder and longer. Inside of each design-build we craft, we embrace all to share. We love what we do and we want YOU, to love your environment.