Travis Pernell Interiors

    Travis Pernell Interiors is a full-service interior design firm based in Dallas, Texas. With a focus on creating bountiful and timeless spaces for their clients, the company is dedicated to delivering exceptional and personalized design services. Founder and Principal Designer, Travis Pernell, has a background in interior design and a passion for creating functional, yet luxurious homes. With a love for design that dates back to his childhood, Travis has honed his vision over the years to offer resourceful problem-solving and a unique blend of traditional and modern design elements.From full-home redesigns to detail-oriented decor updates, Travis Pernell Interiors produces a wide range of projects that showcase their exceptional taste and style. Their use of natural materials, saturated tones, and a youthful flair bring a fresh perspective to the design industry.Don’t miss the opportunity to bring your home to life with the exceptional design services of Travis Pernell Interiors. Contact them today to schedule your consultation and start living in the moment!