Join us in the initial session of the Cafe Collab Business Series for a one-hour virtual exploration into the nucleus of your business journey – your goals and your “Why.” This session isn’t just about individual goal-setting; it’s about delving into what propels you forward and sharpening your focus with insights from your peers. Being the precursor to our business-oriented series, this interactive session not only sets the tone for the deep-dive discussions that follow but also nurtures a culture of shared growth and feedback among ICID World members. Engage in thought-provoking discussions, draw inspiration from the goals of others, and receive constructive feedback to refine your business objectives. Whether you are a seasoned designer or at the outset of your business voyage, understanding your ‘Why’ and aligning your goals is fundamental. Register now, be part of a supportive community ready to embark on a collective journey of business enlightenment and goal mastery.