Jennifer Morrell

    Jennifer Morrell, the founder and lead designer at An Inspiring Home, is a creative and driven interior designer with a passion for helping people create the home of their dreams. She holds an architecture degree from UNC Charlotte and has years of experience in the field of interior design. Jennifer’s background as a mom of four kids and her experience working from home has given her a unique understanding of the importance of a functional and beautiful home. She understands that clients value their family, their home, and their time, and strives to create spaces that reflect their individual style and meet their specific needs.With her precision and architectural expertise, Jennifer’s proven process ensures that clients maximize their space and fall in love with their home again. She guides clients through the home design process, making sure that they are confident in their choices and that their home is both functional and beautiful. Whether it’s through the use of modern and eclectic furnishings, or by incorporating classic design elements, Jennifer’s goal is to create spaces that inspire and bring joy to those who live in them.

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