Torae Eastman

    Toraé, a native of Brooklyn, New York, has always been driven by her passion for creating spaces that make a lasting impression. Growing up in the culturally rich city helped shape her sense of design and fueled her desire to create spaces that evoke a sense of awe. After obtaining her BA in Organizational Communication from Rollins College, Toraé began her career in human resources, working for a number of different industries before eventually finding her way back to her true calling. She left the corporate world behind and founded Modern Glam Designs Interior Firm in Kissimmee, Florida, where she spent over 8 years helping clients bring their interior design visions to life.Toraé’s love of design and desire to help others led her to Montclair, New Jersey, where she now operates Lenore King Luxury Interiors. When she’s not working, Toraé enjoys exploring new cultures and finding inspiration in the world around her.

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